Saturday, July 18, 2009

I am Gonna Faint

After a year and a half of keeping the new garage door opener in the garage, ta-da, Big Daddy is putting it up. So I will have somewhere to keep garbage when he abandons me for the FC and his own full time housekeeping. He needs a pulley. Trusty men at the local hardware are on the hunt.

Got dressed in big girl clothes today to get my hair done. Can't go back to work with roots. Supposed to go back July 27. Big girl clothes indicate that my lack of physical activity has caused all my fat to have a meeting (they included the 2 new pounds of fat) and the consensus was that all the fat would move to my waistband. This is not funny. Nor pretty.

So I am going to take a walk this afternoon and practice taking pictures. Of the cookie lady's farm. It is getting lush.

We are invited to the new neighbors wedding in late September. Seems they (at least the dad) are from the old country and I believe there is a no living together before marriage expectation. Cute. It will be fun to have newlyweds in the neighborhood.

Big Daddy started the paperwork for our transitions, Birth and Marriage Certificates and COBRA paperwork. Much to do. And one of his friends in FC told him about eating snake, said the bones are like eating bluegill. WTF.

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