Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Have Been Unfriended on Farm Town and Face Book

This is the most hilarious thing in my life. With every social problem in the world, with my family trying to survive, with my computer having a virus for most of the week I have come to find that a friend for 40 years has un-friended me for specious causes. From fucking Farm Town. And they made their other friends do this too. Also to Big Daddy. WTF.

This is a person that I held their hand when they could not go to their mother's funeral, stood by when life did them wrong, and offered them a place to stay when they thought they had no place to go.

Well, we are no longer friends. To my surprise as I finally logged on to Farm Town with my WebRoot buddy in tow so that we could find the skulking virus king, I was un-friended. I found the truth. I was no longer wanted.

I think it all started to go downhill when she demanded I save my crops for her and she went out to marketplace to get more jobs. You see, she is a liberal and I am a conservative. She wants me to save the best for her while she panders to the other farmers, and I believe everyone should have a fair shot. If you are available, fine, if not why should someone else not have a fair opportunity?

Big Daddy tells me this has been going on for years, me letting people take advantage and getting hurt when their true colors show through. Especially my Farm Town ex friend, who I have swallowed a lot of shit from for years. I have sent this person gifts, called when they were down and tried to be a friend. Now when my life is in the toilet I am finding out that most people are just too self involved to see another persons pain. There has been no return of these favors, especially from this one, and I always excused this as people are not as well off as I am. I guess I always thought it was monetary when in truth it is just being a good person who has a sense of caring for fellow human beings.

So when we dig ourselves out of this shithole we will seriously be careful of who we call friends in the new world. At this point the list is very short and getting extremely limited.

And I now think I truly understand how thick your skin can get. Because next time, I will take your skin off, one little layer at a time.

By the way, let us hope for the virus king.


  1. My friend, and I do mean this sincerely.When my marriage was falling apart my best friend and my entire family did too. I know how F----ed up this is, but,with this, you will find peace that you can and do survive it and you will rise above all this crap and in the end see the people who truelly love you...

  2. Whoe's fault is that?