Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quality in Moderation

What a week. The parts I hand carried in Tuesday to band-aid the Plant Loco system issue worked great. So why did they not obsolete the old parts and ask for the new parts? Because they are disorganized and cheap. So what happens Friday when you get yet another audit call. Gregory the worm when confronted by a person higher on the food chain decides to order all new material. Problem is it is Friday and this is the lowest production run vehicle in the world. Well, there are no extra parts. And no extra people to make the parts. Why? Because your orders are so low and we don't have people sitting in the lunch room until we need them to make parts. And we are not Walmart. And I get lectured by the materials supervisor that I did not mark the parts as new level. Well they are not new level. We did a mean shift and when the Plant Loco engineers did nothing it came in as a normal shipment with mixed parts. Not my problem dude. Until I had to sort it out as they guys can't find their ass with both hands. So I am jumping hoops to help people who awarded the new vehicle to Korea. Who do you think is gonna jump your hoops next time? Just remember 5 or 6 weeks on the water and customs at Metro when you pay for air freight. Cost save my ass.

Back to my real life, passed inspection with the city on the hot water tank, leak fixed in the laundry room, window fixed on the back door. Only the dishwasher still remained a problem. Guy said he had to pull it out and take it to the shop. This is the guy that urged me to hire him for water tank. When I come back into the kitchen he is still working on the dishwasher. I ask about the pulling it out for the shop repair. He can't get it out. I tell him there have been no changes since it was put in. He does not believe me. WTF. Now he thinks it is a limit switch. He has to see if he can find one. Do not use the dishwasher as it is a hazard without the switch. And don't touch the door as it is held on with one screw. WTF? What happened to the other screws? And now I can open a cupboard drawer that I could only open before with the dishwasher open? So with only the dishwasher fucked up I thought I could have a quiet Sunday morning and just finish up a few odds and ends.

Sunday morning with the papers and the crossword from the NYT is my favorite time of the week. I keep hearing noises and convince myself there is no problem. My house is haunted but ghosts don't hurt people. It is probably thunder after all it is raining outside. Old houses creak and groan. It is normal. Just then there is a tremendous crash and I can no longer pretend all is normal. I think there is a gang outside my family room with a battering ram. As I look out the doorwall at this biggest limb of a tree I have ever seen on the ground I see a possum with something in his mouth running across my patio.

Call the handy man and try not to cry. The tree limb dented my gutters and popped a tumbled Ohio blue stone slab out of the ground. Thankfully it did not take down the wires or the roof. While the handyman was checking the roof he noticed the squirrels frolicking on the roof so he followed them to the little vent in the peak where they chewed through the wood slats and appeared to access the attic. Upon checking the attic thank goodness, and God, I have wire mesh between me and the nest the little fuckers built. So tomorrow he will clean the gutters I paid to have cleaned in November, cut up the tree limb, fix the attic thing if he can find the wood, and get me a price to have the damn tree cut down. Because guess what? Opossums live in trees and hang by their tails. And I do not want a possum in my family room while I am watching TV. Now that I have Comcast on speed dial. Sorry Big Daddy, that tree is a goner.

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