Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reality Shift

Things are different here in China. Little things that you take for granted cause me wonder here in the land of the new norm.

Right when you think you are on track and understand what is happening things go awry. First, there is a list in the hotel of the items that are complimentary-water for example-and things that are not-hair dryers for another example. At this hotel I found a list that included the price of the shelving and the headboard. Now I have to wonder as there is a difference between sticking a towel in your bag and a headboard in your carry-on, but hey I was excited. Every since my first trip to China I have told Big Daddy we need clocks. And in this hotel there is the perfect bedside clock. Gorgeous brown tones with silver accents, perfect size and when you pick it up to check the time a light comes on bathing the dial in the soft glow of a perfect moon. Well, WTF, guess what the one item in this room is not on the stupid price chart. The clock. Big Daddy says then it is complimentary. Yea, right.

Second conundrum is the wait staff in the restaurant. They come to your table. They meaning multiple people. They bring you menus. You make every attempt known to mankind to order. They leave. They come back. Repeat the above. You get frustrated and say things, things like-I am ready to order, or I would like a glass of wine, or I would like some food. Then they have a meeting. There are always 5 people in the meeting. Then you repeat the above. Then you go and get a manager. Now there are six people in the meeting. What about serving food and drink in a restaurant is so hard for these people. Pointing does not work either for those of you wondering. They said on CNN that Shenzhen is like the new wonder on the world financial market. But they can't get food in hotel restaurants and cafes.

Ordering room service breakfast tomorrow as we have to pay for me anyway and I do not think I can contain my enthusiam for the restaurant another day. Leaving Shenzhen tomorrow for Shanghai.

Spent some time on today and advice tells me hotel chains are the way to go here and not these pseudo 5 star hotels with no service and no points. Next week I hope to review the Holiday Inn and find out all the I Choice properties.

Weather cooling into the 60's, smog? and frizzy hair.

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