Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shanghai Switcheroo

Okay, I am here and functioning. Arrived Friday night and this is the first time my brain works. Good thing too, my Internet and laptop don't like me today. Can't get the NYT crossword. That ticks me off cause I got it yesterday.

Went for a long walk Saturday morning and then just kinda turned into a zombie. There are some real dives and holes here. Will try to get some pictures if I ever get to see the camera. Or get a camera phone.

Did not bring my camera as there was no room left in the luggage. Had to pay for the ticket in steerage and pay for my bags. Or at least one of them, never understood as Delta is not very big on communicating. Tried to check in on line and could not. Visa requirement is check-in in person. OK. Went to curb check-in and could not. Wait a minute dude I did in December. Oh, we were Northwest then. Now I understand the improvements with Delta. So this dude carries my bags up to the counter and cuts the line to get me checked-in. The dudettes are all talking about how lousy their jobs are. Pay the bill for the bag(s) and she asked me when I am coming back as I have a 30 day restriction on my visa. OK, here is the deal-you go to Hong Kong for a visit and you are good to go for another 30 days. You can stay overnight, or have a glass of wine, or just get your Visa stamped and go back. So what is it her business how I fulfill my Visa obligations to the People's Republic of China? I am sure China scares me more than Delta airlines. And I am going to find out about this interest in my travels by Delta. Is she going to rob my house and wants to find out how long I am gone? And I had a return ticket in 3 weeks as she could have seen on her little screen. And who is to stop me from paying again to change the flight. Is she going to call China if I miss my flight out. End of rant.

Going out to lunch and walking around when Big Daddy gets home and will report more next time. Weather chilly and dreary. Oh, have to register at the hotel so I am in compliance with the Chinese. More important than the Delta who-ha.

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