Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Toilets r me

Toto toilets rule. And anyone who tells you different plunges once in a while or is dating A PLUMBER. My temporary job now seems to be fixing every toilet in China. No pay. Yepper new hotel-new toilet that won't flush.

China Southern screwed up my FF miles on the way down here and then claimed they can't fix it. Well, they can't fix toilets either. They served breakfast. 3 different breads, fried peanuts, and fruit. Cling wrapped fruit. Do they think the weirdo fruit cuts the bread factor.

Rich wood Garden Hotel-their spelling-is expensive and not worth a penny of the cost. Mediocre room size, shabby decor, poor food quality, and stupid outdated uniforms for the staff. Picture Doris Day and Rock Hudson in a bad Chinese movie with Tony Randall pretending he is channeling Jerry Lewis.

Funny of the day: Shanghai is trying to present a more "wordly and gracious" face to the world for EXPO 2010, so they are asking people not to wear their Hello Kitty Pajama's in public. Shanghainese are reported to be snobbish and unwelcoming of people that are different. WTF. Who wears Hello Kitty Pajamas around town. These people either don't comb their hair or have do's that beg the imagination of what kind of drugs does it take to make you think longish thin auburn locks really look good on a skinny dude with no posture and a bad suit. Auburn is not a good Chinese look. Gotta get a camera and start capturing this stuff.

80 degrees F and so smoggy you can barely see in Shenzhen. Hair not frizzed.

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