Friday, May 14, 2010

OK, I am back

There has been some serious dental work going on here. 1 of my three new crowns did not work out. Had my mouth open with nitrous for 2 and a half hours. Dentist actually gave me a prescription for mucho Vicodin. Did not take them but I will tough out the pain when I can. Going back Monday for a check on the bite and Thursday for delivery of the last crown and prep for the implant. This just sucks.

Tickets back to Shanghai for June 8 so I hope this all works out. Trying to pack and decide just what stuff if worth taking. What a pain. And I need to buy underwear. Do not think those skinny, tiny Chinese women can sell me underwear. Nope, not happenen.

Big Daddy is so excited. He found the rest of our balcony furniture and manged to get it to the apartment with only minor excitement on the unloading portion of the trip. He said the apartment helpers and the taxi driver got into it as the unloading of the chairs from the backseat was a little dicey. RMB's all around. He said the apartment guard is actually calling him by name now. The Expo training. Wonder how long this will last after the foreigners go home?

From my contacts I cannot say the new launch at Plant Loco is going well. Cannot say that any auto manufacturing I am hearing about is going well. No bites on jobs for me. I am hopeful my interviews in China are at least informative of the hiring practices.

And Big Daddy is happy with my suggestion to start using known hotels and collecting points. Good experience in Shenzhen at the Crown Plaza. They are clean, helpful and speak much better English that the Chinese hotels. He also has a private driver that he can hire now and not be at the whim of the Chinese suppliers that are pissed at him.

Biggest funny of the day: Big Daddy thinks he needs another manicure.

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