Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I am so bored and lacking in motivation. House cleaning and yard work just is not my forte.

And Big Daddy telling me his Ayis came and cleaned the apartment twice in one day did not help matters. Yep, changed all the linens and swept and mopped twice. He tried to explain to the second crew he had never seen before but gave up and just went with the program.

Then the new laundry detergent a Chinese lady insisted he buy was concentrated and he unitentionally washed the kitchen floor. Needs to learn how to read better Chinese. Now he has Mite cleaner, collar cleaner and super suds.

Stormed and rained all night and kept waking me up. Not going out in this weather. I am out of books tho, so tomorrow I have to go shopping.

Punkin Head arrives home on Monday with his 2 cats. I need to buy cat litter and cat nip. Where would one buy this stuff?

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