Friday, May 21, 2010

Dental work is painful

OK, today I can open my mouth. Yesterday was really bad. No meds, I might have to re-think that. But meds screw up the IBS so much I don't know which is worse. Going Monday for the meet and greet with the oral surgeon on the implant. That is next Friday. Cashed in my little account that will partially pay for some of that. Dental work is also extremely expensive. By my take the dentist should be letting me drive that Escalade at least three days a week.

I need another suitcase. It does not help that Big Daddy left some things here. And wants me to bring shit like his new glasses and wild rice. I have started throwing away the daily ratty clothes as I wear them to clean and I am getting picky about taking and saving for fall. Maybe for the suitcase. Oh for Big Daddy's phony luggage about now.

My handyman put up the steel screens to keep the squirrels from nesting in the attic things and he pulled the tail off one, would not let go of the wood interior. Landed on my Jeep and went he got down to pluck it off the Jeep it was gone. Great!!! Now I have a tailess pissed off squirrel waiting for me to leave the house and bite my ankles. This a week after they found a snake in a garage on the first block of Vernier. We are being invaded by wildlife here. With all the unemployment I do not understand why people are not hunting here in the Pointes.

So the weeds are still hanging on, I am now trading books with the dental staff, and I still need underwear. And my Internest is no longer at the "group", just when I need meds and maybe some answers to some medical questions. And I don't think I have time for the female doctor. I wonder how bad the doctors in China really are.

Off to the store tomorrow for maybe some Punkin Head stuff and then more purging.

Oh, and I need 2 light bulbs replaced.

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