Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shopping Success

Ok, got myself together and went out today as the weather was wonderful. Hair turned out a 5 out of 10. Clothes were ok until the hot flashes came. Still need underwear.

Went to Borders for reading material and found the most unexepected book, Martha and Me or some such nonsense, the book by Martha Stewart's self proclaimed best friend. It is snarky. OK I am in. This is fabulous.

Went to Trader Joes and got my stuff along with kitty litter and some stupid thing kittys like to claw. Fucked up. THe kitty litter must go back. I have to go to CVS. Can't wait.

Big Daddy is happily ensconced in the new Crowne Plaza (new to him) somewhere around Shenzhen and everything is working out peachy there. They have 1 hour foor massage for about 16 bucks US.

My mailbox fell apart. I won't be getting any damn foot massage.

Tomorrow is more dental work and the handyman is coming to refix the squirral hole and look at the mailbox. And bring round-up to re-kill the weeds we have already killed 3 times.

Can't wait to get back to China.

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