Saturday, June 12, 2010

Where do you wear your pajamas?

I know people who can't wait to get home and put on their jammies. I know people who plan parties so that they can wear their jammies with friends. I remember as kids we wore our jammies to the drive-in. I have friends that think a perfect day is never getting dressed. These people should move to Shanghai. I saw 2 men today walking the streets in their jammies. They were not together. One guys jammies said Happy Wedding all over them. He was about 100 years old. I don't want to think about that. Still have not seen the famous Hello Kitty jammies on the street.

For the 2 of you that read this blog you will be excited to hear I found a clock today. I can now tell time without sneaking into the bathroom and turning on the light. It is fabulous. It tells time and the date and the year and the temperature. Temp in Celsius. Want it in Fahrenheit. This may take time as Big Daddy is having trouble with the instructions. Had it once and it disappeared. I know, I got so good at millimeters I could eyeball mils, but I am older now and somewhat cranky. I have to learn grams. No more 2 pound smoked salmon. I just want to know how fucking hot it really is.

Apartment is filled with flowers. They are so inexpensive here and no cats to knock them over. Sorry for that, Punkin Head. Cats are a big learning curve.
Speaking of Punkin Head, best thing about the apartment is my iPod. Love my music, thanks for the help. Where did Charlie Pride come from?