Friday, June 11, 2010

Sitting in Shanghai

Jet lag not so bad this time, first day was a bitch and day 2 not so bad.

Forgot the most important items to my existance, the fucking bite plates I have been hauling to the dentist for months for fit issues. Could not believe it. Punkin Head is mailing them. Along with my Leatherman. You never know.

Unpacked and now waiting for Big Daddy to gather all the luggage so we can pick which to pitch and which to pack off season into. Broken phony bags will be the first to go.

Could not get the VPN to work and had to reload the program. Could not get the bedroom TV to work. The new toothbrush does work. Hooray.

Flight over was good. Delta on a 747, connected at Narita. turbulence for 2+ hours in the beginning. Made the flight attendents sit down 3 times. Some tray type thing came fying out of the galley on landing and bouncing into the exit row (my seat).

Need a nap now.

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