Saturday, June 5, 2010


3 more days and counting.

Spacer in and so far only irritation.

Punkin Head and I cleaned the coffee maker, special european thing, and I think it may work again. Only took us a couple hours.

Not going well on the packing, running out of space. Punkin Head promised to stuff all the shit in somehow, or make the lady do it.

Nails, bank and Farms Market tommorrow. Then stuffing more shit in the bags.

Big Daddy is making fun of me. He asked me to buy his groceries for his apartment in Shanghai from my house in Grosse Pointe. And I did. And how is it my fault the smoked salmon turned out to be a 2 pound frozen fish. I think he should be thankful it was folded in half when they delivered it. Not my fault your freezer is tiny.

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