Friday, October 1, 2010

I usually don't do politics, but really

Okay, CNN International is not the show guys usually see. And you do have other channels to watch. Fie on you. However, I do not have other channels and I am fedded up. To use a French phrase.

I am tired of stories of 11 year old girls sold into marriage. Something needs to be done here. Either fix it or prove it wrong. Since it seems to be happening in all the countries we have a presence in or support with huge tax dollars, this should not be real hard.

I am tired of politicians that are accused of breaking the law and that is where the story ends. Did it happen or not? Are you all lazy or complacent?

I am tired of stories on gay people or any other minority committing suicide, slayed at the hands of viscious killers, or being "identified" for their own good, while the "killers" get a pass for whatever reason the media uses-just so they can get the story. If you can dog the victims you can dog the perps.

I am tired of poor people. Not really poor people, you will never see really poor people on CNN, only the phony poor people. Poor people do not have hair and nail services available to them. Nor do they have cars, homes, and sidewalks. The really poor people are being helped by Oprah and Bill Gates and they do not appear on television. Unless they are getting a shot for whatever disease they are going to catch in the near future, for another TV spot.

And I am tired of Jimmy Carter, I know he is sick and in the hospital and all, but I was tired of him in the 70's. He was depressing then and now he is just a whiner. Get over it. No one liked you then and less people like you now. And the reports of your houses falling apart are rampant. And if that is not true why is there not a Habitat person out there refuting all these stories on CNN? And picking on Teddy Kennedy? I did not like Teddy and I would not pick on the dead when I had plenty of time to point this shit out when he was alive.

David Vitter in a diaper with a madam, Mike Cox won't fire the guy that works for him that is harrassing a guy at U of M, and who in the city of Detroit is having sex with whom this week?

Something needs to be done with all this information, I suggest the garbage pail, and people need to start discussing and doing something about the things that really have an impact on their lives. And they need to force the media to respond. I for one will be telling Anderson Cooper that he needs to review his past reporting and tell me if he is happy with his current stories. Then I will decide if no TV is better than shitty TV.


  1. Brilliant article. It is really interesting and I enjoyed reading it, I will recommend this blog to my friends!

  2. "Then I will decide if no TV is better than shitty TV."
    Perhaps you could try an experiment and box up you telly for a month and then decide which is better.

    As an antithesis to you posting, check this blog out:

  3. Before the young girls being sold how could you forget about the 3 months of the Mexican's riding the "Death Train". The didn't let them get off the train until they were all so weary from hanging on for 3 months they fell off, no more story.
    Also that guy is still on the ladder at the hotel window watching CNN, that has been on for about 9 months. CNN must not have much of a production budget.

    Big Daddy

  4. Pawl, CCN International is the only English communication I have some days. iPod broke over a month ago, Internet goes out for days at a time, there is no English speaking radio station I can find. Just a week and a half ago I figured out how to watch ABC on the computer. Dancing With The Stars takes 3 hours for a 1 hour program with the delays. So my choices are silence for days at a time or CNN International. Satellite TV is for the rich only. But when I get my new friend that I am paying for on October 13 I will have someone to talk to once a week. The old days of expensive ex-pat packages are over unless unless you are a VP or above.