Saturday, October 23, 2010

Water is everywhere

Guess that typhoon, Megi, is that big cause she's coming ashore and it is wet all the way to Shanghai. And if she is still slow this is not gonna be fun. Water up to my ankles this afternoon and it is not raining that hard.

Went to get my hair done and it was not a trial for once. Did not complain because she can't fix it-so why go down that road. Only problem is they asked me to switch magazines for this uppity bitch and I was not happy, did it and smiled but come on, I was there longer and not finished with one magazine and you already read them all? Buy a book, a Kindle, and iPad or whatever. And it was a Good Housekeeping which I had not seen in years and it had recipes. For my new oven. Geez.

No shopping because it is too wet, but hairdresser told me where to shop next and told me how to pronounce the road. Little baby steps. She can't find shoes either. She's a 7 and a half.

Big Daddy got maintenance and now we have hot water again. Not lukewarm, hot. What a joy.

Got a new movie, Sex and The City 2, everyone said it was shit, but when all you can get is shit . . . Punkin Head is supposed to send us a movie to see if it works here. Then we don't have to watch the same 2 movies every other week.

Oh, and the asshole really did finally quit when they told him no. No way. So hasta la vista, and stay outta my hair. Since it is freshly washed. Oh, and I bought hairspray, real original formula from France, Elnett. Lif e is good.

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