Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weather Reports

Found the US Navy Joint Typhoon Warning Center on the web, via my buds over at Flyer Talk. This is the most accurate information available. Watching the weather report on CNN was giving me a headache as they show what everyone is thinking and nobody agreed. And with China already having admitted they don't have a clue, well this just made me feel better. Big Daddy is flying out of Shenzhen this morning and he has to go back on Monday, so this is a concern. That and the fact China has not had a bad typhoon is years and seems worse prepared than New Orleans was for Katrina.

Have not been able to watch any TV shows this week and the Internet connection is too slow. So it is just me and Anderson Cooper again.

Woke up this morning with a huge pain in my hip. Hope this just goes away soon. Do not want to have to go to the doctor. Big Daddy had a massage yesterday at the hotel and now he is a fan. Said he could never understand why I like them until he experienced the ultimate nirvana of every muscle at peace. He is becoming almost as big a personal maintenance whore as I am.

Well, gotta go clean now that the Ayi's are gone. More later.

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