Monday, October 18, 2010

Just Some Tidbits-What Would Coco Think?

Big Daddy found out about a whole new source of phony shit. Fake books. They sell them by weight. And the rumor is that they take orders. So now when you are wearing your Hello Kitty pajamas, drinking your fake Chinese beer, surrounded by the fake EXPO shit you got ripped off on-you can read your fake book. Whatever happened to just being happy with a fake Rolex. And can any Chinese alcoholic beverage be worth making a fake version of. WTF.

Went to Marks&Spencer this weekend. Yes it was as bad as I thought it was going to be. Cheap clothes as in 1980's KMart. Bought 2 sweaters that may or may not make it through 1 wearing, and a nightgown and robe. With slippers. And some blood orange marmalade. We'll see.

Walked down to the mall and went to every high-end makeup counter starting with Chanel. No red nail polish. How the hell do you not carry red nail polish. And there were guys running the Chanel counter. Now any gay guy is not letting you out of there without buying something. These guys were like, nope-see ya, well that is the problem. If you don't wear it you can't sell it. Women wear everything in the men's department except a jock strap and very few guys would ask a woman for a jock strap. But a man that does not wear makeup should not be selling it. What the fuck would Coco think?

Gap store is still coming soon in 2010. Yea, right.

The worst is we may have to move to a different apartment. In the same bulding and probably the same layout. Who knows. But the problem is we have had half the stuff fixed here and half the stuff left to fix. Now granted they may never fix the remaining shit-but at least you know what is broken and will break again next month. And how much of our shit will they break when we move? And will we have new Ayi's to train. And trust me training is hard for very little work on their part. Getting towels took 3 weeks when we moved into this apartment.

The asshole is trying to screw around with Big Daddy again. If our vacation gets messed up again, well I do not think they will be happy to see me at the company Christmas party. A few months off probation and this jerk demands a raise, a promotion, unauthorized vacation and gets away with it again because there are no laws in China. Bullshit. As they say in the US, been to that dance. And I do have a dog in this hunt. (God, I love cliches) So that slimy asshole better watch out, I will hire Jackie Chan.

And the rules made me spell Marks&Spencer wrong in the tag. Just like China, static instead of fluid.

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