Friday, December 31, 2010

Deja vu again

Trip home was uneventful. Family in front of me on the plane provided a little entertainment. Parents and 2 kids and a dog. 10-ish year old girl kept taking the dog out of the carrier and 2-ish year old being a toddler. When we were on the take-off roll he got out of his seat and started walking around. The FA's can't see us from the jump seats and I wondered how often does this happen. Dad finally grabbed him before he rolled down the aisle. Also wondered how these people were going to explain that dog going into quarantine or if they were diplomats or something and immune to Chinese law. Would not put my dog through that grief. Entertainment system was messed up so I got 10,000 extra miles. Not a bad trade off as the movies were horrible.

Went out for a snack and food supplies yesterday and when we got home the keys would not work in the door. Got new keys delivered and the door does not want to lock now. Another visit from Shemp is in order. Glad to see nothing has changed while I was away.

Okay, need to unpack and do laundry. Big Daddy is doing prawns and quinona for dinner. And some brussel sprouts.

Oh, before I forget, Amay's sister is going to teach me to knit. This should be hilarious. She does not speak English. Knitting lessons in a bar, hoohaa.

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