Saturday, December 18, 2010

The sunshine state is BRR cold

Trip to Florida was a hoot. Freezing cold and I am not kidding, lows at night of 24 F, and windy to boot. Should have taken fur and boots. North face jacket and down vest worked well but feet were cold.

St. Augustine is beautiful. Visited the lighthouse and caretaker's home, the oldest schoolhouse and drugstore, and the Catherdral. And shopped and ate and drank. A good time was had by all. You forget how good fresh shrimp is until you eat it again. And southern BBQ, yumm. Did not get to see the forts and it was too cold to visit the island by boat and kids were everywhere. They must do field trips before Christmas and kids are not my favorite when doing historic sites.

TSA was fine at both airports. Could not believe in Detroit did not have to remove my hat or jacket, just open jacket so she could look. No one touched me. Jacksonville TSA were actually friendly, wonder if they are all on meds for the holidays.

Big Daddy arrived home yesterday and is happy, happy. Made breakfast this morning and had real bacon, not that crazy Chinese bacon. Or crappy bacon. Either is appropriate. He had fun at the Shanghai airport waiting to leave. He was people watching and this dad and son came by and the child was screaming. Then the little boy pulled a LInda Blair and puked all over the concourse in front of the gate. Horrendous puking. When he was done the dad picked up the kid and walked away. BD went to the Chinese people at the store across from the gate and jabba jabba, no help. So BD settled in for the show and sure enough the Chinese pretty girls in their short shorts and 4 inch heels came prancing by and slipped and fell in the puke, then the next one on her cell phone came by and tripped over the fallen pukey pile of screaming girls and joined in the vomit pile up. What a way to start your trip. And of course BD did not have the camera for this Kodak moment.

BD has a job interview Monday and then off to New Orleans. Supposed to warm up next week, we will see. Hello Rib Room and Miss Donna.

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