Saturday, December 4, 2010

talking to Big Daddy

Brain starting to work today. That is the worst part of jet lag for me. Can't think properly for a day or two. Punkin Head keeps saying, Mooom. Oh well. And it does not help that the kids work afternoons and the best time to talk is the middle of night.

Went to Farms Market and BG will shit when he sees the bill, he grouses about the high cost of the wet market.

Had a manicure and a pedicure and feel like a new woman. Just cannot believe the difference in how my hands and feet look. Thank you Jean and Wink Boutique. Bought a pair of boots so I am on track for footwear.

Punkin Head bought me a Vanity Fair so I am in reading heaven for the moment.

Elliot, the cat, and I are at odds. He thinks he is the boss and cats are not like dogs. Dogs understand the Alpha and cats just don't particapate in the world order.

House next door where the old gramma lived is for sale. That is interesting. Wonder if the kinfolk are in a fight about the estate. House down the street where the vegan monsters lived went back to the bank and they had a crew in there today just moving garbage out. What kind of person just trashes something because they can?

Just finished talking to two old friends and setting up lunches. This is fun. More later. Love you BD.

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