Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I miss Big Daddy

He is solving the problems of more than one time line with various due dates and I am solving drab hair. I am now a blonde again. A real blonde not a phony dark blonde.

BD met a newbie to China engineer today. This guy did not believe the planes were always an hour or 2 late minimum, tossed the bread and hot food back at the flight attendant saying it smelled bad, and generally does not seem to be enjoying his experience. Hmmm, maybe a job opening for me.

Cannot get used to driving the Grand Cherokee. Miss my Ford Edge something terrible. Edge was far superior. Opening the door is a pain in the ass. Getting in or out is a pain in the ass. No rear camera, no remote start, and heat system is worthless. Where is my crazy taxi driver when I need him.

Shopping is going well, The lady is having trouble finding something for her mom though. Going shopping and to lunch with an old friend tomorrow.

I am addicted to the television. They have the most bizarre shows. I feel like Paul Bunyon, or maybe Ripley, waking up years later. These are the stupidest TV shows ever. How the hell do all these women not know they are pregnant? And how do you not notice you home looks like a cheap Chinese warehouse? And Oprah is out of control. All she does is babble and cry.

Funniest thing drugstore robo called me this morning to refill a prescription. Did not know I had refills left, but I said hell yes. Still do not have a doctor here since mine disapeared.

Gotta go and sleep some more, still not on track but ok. Love to BD.

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  1. BD misses you much too! Need some one who speaks my language to talk to. Lost my book at hotel, need my travel coordinator. Blonde is best.