Thursday, February 3, 2011

Never again will I go out of my way to see fireworks

Standing on the balcony last night was unbelievable. At times it felt like I could touch the fireworks. There were a couple times I ducked and once I wiped my face looking for ash. There was not one inch of space in the Shanghai skyline that was not full of fireworks. It was like every fireworks show in the US showed up at once and set up shop one block from each other. I saw the fireworks once on the Detroit river (while on a boat) during the Freedom Festival, it ain't nuttin-as they say in Philly-compared to the light show last night. And these people who can't afford water in their homes pay for this. WTF.

Today is New Year's Day so we are having Duck Confit we bought earlier this week and will cook if we don't kill each other before dinner. And use the excess duck fat to fry the potatoes and make a salad. Yumm.

Weather is mild enough to have the balcony door open and walk out and look at the world. Absence of cars and people is weird. Then you hear to noises and see the huge puffs of smoke from the firecrackers that just lay on the ground and make noise.

Egypt is getting really scary and it appears no one has a plan, including Anderson Cooper. When you try to beat up Anderson you do not have a plan. Anderson, you can't just go anywhere and be safe, you are not the scud stud. Remember him? And then when we saw him in real life-it was eeew.

And when people are gathering in the streets saying pretty much they hate your ass and your response I won't run for re-election, well I want to know when they are going to start selling that tea in the market place.

And speaking of wacko shit, WTF is up with Cairns, Australia pronounced as CANS, excuse, me, should this not be pronounced CARNES. Cans? What happened to the i and the r. That is like Brett Favre. What is wrong with the world.

Well I can't fix it all today.

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