Monday, March 7, 2011

Back on an even keel

Went to the Shangri-la for dinner at the Sports Bar, very good but very expensive. Met a guy from Leeds, dull as dishwater.

Then we went to LoWu market and found the eCigs and powerful binoculars.  Now I can pretend to be Jimmy Stewart and watch the neighbors.

Bought a cheap quartz bracelet and a cheaper garnet bracelet. The lady somehow communicated to me that they would help my aches and pains. Might as well go with program and see if it works.

Tonight we will take our punishment at the hotel buffet. Maybe have a massage.

Tomorrow Ning Hai and the Howard Johnson's, a new photo op and new experiences to be had, maybe a shampoo. The shampoos are the weirdest.

Oh, customer relations called to thank us for our many stays and to inform me we were getting complimentary fruit. She asked if everything was wonderful and well, I had to tell her about the hamburger incident. I made her pull it out of me, not bitching just huge sadness at our experience. I really milked it. When she asked for the bitch's name I told her she took her name tag off when she started arguing with us. It was great. We went to the lounge after the shopping and she wasn't there so don't know if it was just her night off or what. Will check tonight for her as I have nothing else to do.

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