Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sickness snippet

When I got home Saturday I slept for 4 hours and ate went to bed and slept all night.

My first clue.

Sunday I was achy and tired.

I have the flu.

Wednesday night my throat was really sore and raw and I remembered hearing gargling with salt water helps this.

The only salt I could find was Himalayan pink salt I brought back from St. Augustine, Florida. That or the truffle salt and I had to weigh the cost factors.

So Big Daddy is in Shenzhen and goes to the Watson's at the airport and pantomines his throat and hurting. This Chinese guy that speaks a little English takes him down and aisle and points to this herbal concoction.

It is not bad.

It amazes me that we have been here so long and only know a few Chinese words and manage to get by. As a contract employee we get no benny's and cannot afford to take lessons. Somehow we get by.

And the taxi drivers correct my directions everytime.

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