Sunday, March 20, 2011


Finally got out of the apartment, felt well enough and went to the rabbit warren. For salt. You might have heard of the run on salt here in China. Depending on what you hear someone started a rumor and caused "the common people" to buy all the salt in China. Then they went after the soy sauce as it is salty tasting. Rumor has it that the rumor mongers may get some time for this. Don't know which is worse doing time for a joke or that the people believed it and now have enough salt for the rest of their lives. And they don't really use salt.

And of course all this had to happen when I was out of salt and needed to gargle for my poor sore throat. WTF.

After dinner we walked home the back way and I got a new robe from the towel stall. They are cheap but they don't last.

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