Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Just a taste of work

We are sorting parts for various defects. The customer is only aware of one defect. As I am new to this plant and these issues I am very hands on at this point.

Someone from my company called me to take care of trial parts. I had no clue how to handle that and just stumbled on the answers. While I was waiting I helped sort out a new box of parts. They were all in need of rework, fixing the shit. Upon review the box was marked that the parts were great and all the shit had already been fixed. Alrighty then.

I called the Quality Manager, introduced myself and told her all the parts were for shit. In a very nice and tactful way of course. This was news to her.

So the asshat I am replacing, who quit by the way, never sorted parts and never reported problems.

Weather went from 80 yesterday to windy and cold 50's today. Also very gray.


  1. I could write a text book about what I called "management by walking around." I used to scream at the engineers to stop obsoleting the e**ing sheet metal; surely it could be reworked and not put in storage on the e**fing mezzanine they built to hide their mistakes on, never to be counted in inventory again. And never turned back into dollar bills when it went out in product. Yep, a book a foot thick. How do you not erupt like Vesuvius?

  2. One time I called a QM and suggested he put a large sign at the end of one line, with the dollar amount for how much. the defects they shipped cost. He said he did it.