Monday, April 7, 2014

Packages galore

My dining room table is stacked high with packages.

Some are spring clothes.

Some are automotive parts.

I hope I can figure out where this shit is supposed to go, this is getting scary.

Oh there is some wrinkle cream in there too, that I need.

We are busy making an Easter menu, so far we have popovers for breakfast, Ina Garten's roasted nuts and puff pastry for snacks, experimental fried pickles for fun. Dinner will be a Dearborn ham and perhaps a souffle. I need to round out the side dishes and decide on a dessert. Big Daddy used to make a white chocolate creme brulee that was lovely. Must have early peas and maybe asparagus if it looks promising.

And we must get the gas station Easter Lily, Hydrangea, and excellent wine. Making the list so I will not forget anything.

I should get an Easter outfit, we will see.


  1. You bring your auto parts home?

  2. Well, yes and no. In the past I would bring them home and put them on the garbage pile as it was the easiest way to get rid of them without a write-up. Perfectly legal. And tons of people eye-balled my trash as it was fascinating.

    Most of the packages on my table are what my company sends to me. I get overnight auto packages quite often.