Monday, April 21, 2014


Well, it has been a few days. I just have not been well for a few weeks now. Nothing in particular, I am thinking a low grade virus.

Easter was wonderful with great food that I can not remember all the names of. Big Daddy made Creme Brulee and we did not even touch it with all the other wonderful fare.

I went to the New Plant again today and it was a wild, hairy ride. We have a few problems there. And they have a few problems living within their reality.

Big Daddy is winging his way to Mexico on his second most hated airline Delta. Yes, American Airlines has replaced Delta as the most reviled asshats in the flying industry. But Delta is fighting to regain their title, for instance, on today's flight from Detroit to Atlanta there was no service. Yep, no Coke on a flight to the Coke capital. And the FA got snippy when BD rang the bell and asked for water. Then they, Delta, begged and begged for volunteers to give up their overbooked seats for the promise of snot and warm yogurt, a few unusable Sky Pesos and no possibility of ever leaving Atlanta as every plane for the next year was also overbooked. Gotta love it.

Me and Sammy are hunkering down for an ugly week. No one to feed us or take care of us. Every dog for themselves.

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