Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Cat Visit

I swear it is not me, but really must everything I do go off the deep end.

I went to the Cat House to meet the adoptee. The house was very small, under 1000 square feet. And it was filled with cats. And dogs. At least 8 cats and 2 indoor dogs and there were 2 outside dogs at this moment in time.

And then smell was unbelievable. It burned my nasal passages. I still have a headache from the smell.

There was not a surface that did not have something on it, including the stove top. I wondered how the hell she cooked and then I spied the slow cooker. It was almost hidden in all the other shit on the counter. She had multiple drinking sippi cups for the cats all over the kitchen counters.

There was not much room to  walk in the house.

We went into the back and got the cat out of the cage, this took time and she talked quite a bit. While this was going on the other cats were in the cage with the FIV+ cat and I am thinking, I don't think this is proper. IF I am nothing, I am proper.

We took the cat to the bathroom so we could have a space that the cat could be free and make her own decisions, this was my idea. The bathroom was the best smelling room in the house. When we returned to the house proper and the back room the smell almost struck me down again.

The cat is huge. Bigger than Sammy dog and as the Foster Mom admitted quite overweight. She can't leave the cage so what do you expect. She is cute. She let me pet her and hold her. Holding was not for long and I was standing next to her 2 story cage with the door open and she kinda indicated she wanted in I let her go. At my request she let FM brush her, at least the back, this cat is not groomed. But also she was outside for how many years so I guess her letting us pet her and brush her is a good thing.

The cat is huge, Elliot size if not more. Big. 30 pounds maybe. And she is flabby. Prolly from sitting in the cage.

Here is my problem. I cannot walk into that house again. I have never smelled anything so vile. Surely this woman can smell this, hoarder and cat lady or not, it stinks. I can ask her to my house but she has a doctor appointment right after the visit. I can send Big Daddy but he will have to put the Vicks Vapor Rub under his nose. He reads this in crime books. I could have her come Saturday instead of picking the cat up on Friday.

It is not the cat's fault that the place is stinky. Shit.


  1. Oh my, that poor cat. Unfortunately, sometimes people who call themselves "rescuers" are what anybody else (me included) would call "hoarders". Ick. Good luck.

  2. I think you owe it to all of us to rescue the cat.