Friday, January 2, 2015

The car deal, or my new Ford Escape

Well, as it turned out to get the deal we had to finalize the Escape deal today. What a pain in the ass, I had to find a Ford peep who could get me the pin number today. The guy we have used for years is out of town. Then Big Daddy had so much trouble getting the correct paperwork together.

Plus on this model is heated leather seating surfaces (this is so they can put cheap shit on the sides and not get sued) and factory installed auto start. Would only pay for this with the deal because I am over paying for shit on cars just because it is nicer. Cars are not an investment, they are a means of transportation. Some are better than others but eventually they all fall apart.

We decided to stay home today as BD wanted to observe the cleaning lady as we have not been too happy. And boy, she was not happy to see us. I am pretty sure this is the longest time she has spent here in a while. Oh well, if you don't want to do the job, don't take the job. Then the boss came by and they were chatting in Polish, WTF, speak English in my house unless you are hiding something.

Have my FitBit thing all set up and can't wait to see what will happen on Monday. I have not been doing much this week and will probably pay for it next week.

So absorbed in this Air Asia plane crash, there are some really peculiar comments and data showing up, and no way if knowing how much is true and the weather is just horrid this being the rainy season. And the ferry fire off the coast of Greece was just frightful. Why does it always seem someone is trying to cut corners and make an extra 20 cents.

Funny of the day:  When BD cleaned out the Fiesta he found one more Christmas present for me. It is called the house sweater, as in wear around the house cardigan style and he paid a whopping 9 dollars for it. It looks pretty good. Not as nice as the gold and turquoise bracelet he got from Italy, but still pretty nice.


  1. I just love heated seating. Cate has it but I do not. I like driving her car in winter.

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