Monday, January 12, 2015

A new cat step

Taken at the awful Atwater Brewery, his dad ordered them for him so no story or significance. Sorry Punkin Head.

Well I am taking the plunge and interviewing for a cat master position. The cat is a sad case, she is around 5 or 6 years old, spayed and declawed and then abandoned at about 1or 2 years old. The neighbor kept her fed and she responded to them and knows her name, Pudde Cat, but the dogs would not let her live there and then the shit for brains neighbor kid starting shooting her with a pellet gun.

So she was rescued and checked out and she is FIV+. Me and Sammy think she will be a good fit here even though I have never owned a cat. But I lived with PH's cats and my cat will be so much better. She is currently living in a 2 story cage and can't be real happy about it but they say she is very friendly and loves petting, especially her belly.

I am waiting for the meet and greet and to see if she likes me. She has to like me a little for this to work. She is really cute in her pics and looks right into the camera as if the say "Really?".

I have a list of stuff I need from PH but all tips and hints are welcome as I am a newbie. She will be an indoor cat and I plan on getting her a bed with a hood as I read cats like that stuff.

And what about Cat Nip?

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  1. yay! and thank you for taking in an FIV+ cat!

    Some suggestions:

    She might be scared at the meet-and-greet, esp. if she's been ill-treated in the past. Don't worry if she doesn't warm up to you right away.

    She might hide for the first few days after you bring her home. A new space can be overwhelming for some cats. Just make sure she has food/water/litterbox close to where she is holed up, and she'll start exploring as she feels more comfortable.

    Most cats love a space where they can jump up and look out a window. It doesn't have to be a cat tree - a blanket or pet bed on top of a dresser is fine.

    Some cats don't react to catnip, so don't worry if she doesn't. But I've never met a cat who didn't love a laser toy, and most cats also love thing-on-a-string type toys (Da Bird is a great one).

    You can pick up a pet water fountain for twenty bucks, and some cats prefer to drink from running water.

    You're doing a great thing!