Friday, June 5, 2015

A dog with a log and severe exhaustion

Sammy Dog the terror of the neighborhood.

I believe the exhaustion is from the Shingles. And the meds. It is all I can do to just get to work and back. Still need to call on getting the vaccine but the blisters are not all gone. Will call on Monday.

So back to Sammy, we took him for a walk last week and all was going well. There was another dog approaching us so we stepped off to let them by. Sammy Dog, out of the blue attacked this little poodle like he had real teeth and held the poodle-weight belt for the World Wide Dog Wrestling Association. We could barely pull them apart. This was ridiculous. When we broke up the sparring match Sammy Dog was actually smiling. Little shit. Then on the last leg toward home this big dog goes past carrying an actual tree limb in his mouth and Sammy Dog goes into the attack mode like he is ready to take on another round. I am so embarrassed.

We have been getting Sammy Dog these special cookies from the City Bark made of whitefish and sweet potato and he loves them. And they are quite expensive. But we only have one Sammy Dog, and as my dad used to say, Little dog only gets what you give him. Like that made sense. Anyway this City Bark is constantly out of these cookies and are not going to order for 2 weeks. So I got on the Internet and D.O.G., Daisy and Oscar's Gourmet Dog Bakery from Traverse City makes these cookies and without the markup and plus shipping we will be paying about the same over the top price to get these cookies next week on our porch. WTF. If you can't keep it in stock and you can't afford to order now, maybe you are in the wrong business.

And not to leave out Zoey cat. She is now quite comfortable as if she lived here forever. When I come home she is waiting at the door and rolls on her back for a belly rub. My routine is take off shoes, let Sammy Dog out, get the mail, bring in the boxes, let Sammy Dog in, put on mask and clean up the litter box (in the basement) and when I come up Zoey is laying at the top of the stairs on her back waiting for another belly rub. Then they all get water and cookies. I want that job.

This weekend Zoey needs her back nails trimmed. That should be fun.

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