Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Oh My God

This years photo of the European tri-color beech tree. I need a guy to come and assess the limbs for trimming.

Well, my dermatologist changed professions and I was forced back to the crazy guy. He came in with his arm all wrapped up and a semi cast thing and I asked, "what happened". Bad move. His response started with a chain saw and when I waved him off ended with a 30 foot ladder. I knew this appointment would be bad.

He said:

There was nothing really wrong with my nose and gave me 3 shots into the red areas of the right nostril. I cannot describe the pain of the last shot. Prescription for 2 items and enough samples until next year on the topical.

He does not think I had shingles, just some weird Herpes thing on my arm and shingles vaccines are a luxury and I am not old enough. And there is a better one coming out in the next 5 years.

You need to assess your life after mistakes and get rid of the risks. He is selling his 30 foot ladder. And his motorcycle.

Then I found these great clothes in the New York Times, went to their web site and got really excited until I found out they only make small sizes. Really? Only small people need nice, washable, reasonable prices on clothes? WTF.

Then Sammy Dog went off the charts and peed, yes peed on Zoey Cat's paper bag. What an asshat. When the cat gets that much joy from a paper bag, she slept in it for gosh sakes, you pee on it. Sammy Dog is in the literal dog house and Zoey has a new paper bag which we now put up during the day.


  1. I would not be allowed to buy a chain saw - or a 30 foot ladder. You may need lots of bags!

    1. She loves the bags. We take the handles off so she can't hang herself.