Monday, November 9, 2015

This is hard to swallow

One of my gutta percha brooches.

Well all said and done, the TV is broken. Now Big Daddy is on the rush to get a new TV and get it set up before he goes to China.

No Uber today and again no Lyft, but last week was okay. I had the airport run and a couple random rides. Sunday I tried the Lyft along with the Uber but I never got a ping. And I only do this a few hours a day so I am not expecting to drive every time I try.

I did not get to see Curly on the Skype this weekend, she was not feeling the love. But I got a great picture of her with a poster her mom made saying Happy Birthday and I love you. She just never smiles that I can see. Grumpy Grue. We made our reservations for Christmas, the Hilton. The special hotel is out of the way and the rating were all over the place. The other place was not Big Daddy's favorite. We will see. So all that is left is pet help and a rental car. Because the kids car still is not fixed from the air bag recall.

More to come with the TV drama.

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