Sunday, November 29, 2015

Late December back in 63

Look in the middle at the ground line, not everyone has a two story deer blind.

Yep, we saw Jersey Boys on Saturday and it was great. I loved it. We saw in the playbill an ad for the Whitney, a great old mansion in Detroit turned into a restaurant, and they had a special for all the shows in town. So, we showed up without a reservation and had a nice dinner special, and the food was great. I hate it when you go and the food is sub-standard because it is a special.

We got home after dark and the critters were not happy. They are so funny when the routines are changed.

Drove my Uber this morning and caught a booty call drop off, hilarious. She was in love and he was I gotta get outta here quick. The personalities of the folks are the best part of this gig.


  1. The dog is unhappy when I do not come home on time. The cats could not care less.

  2. Every dog i have ever owned could tell time.