Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Just the facts

Sammy Dog with mountain man Big Daddy.

Went to the doctor this morning to tell him I am falling apart. He denied it. I have to get an X-ray about the back and sciatica thing, new meds for that, increased my thyroid, put me on Zyrtec twice a day and told me I have a boil in my nose. Now if that is not falling apart, I don't know what to call it.

And I did not even bring up the pain in my hands, different on each side.

So when I got home and peed I decided to Uber and the pick up address looked safe so there I go. It was a guy calling for a woman, who knows, and I had to take her into the hood. And I am talking the real ass hood.  I am remembering back in my years when I would not drive below 14 mile and now I am taking this really nice woman deep into the hood. As soon as I dropped her off I turned the Uber off and went home. I do not drive after 12 PM unless it is something special.

I am thinking of switching to Windows 10 as I don't need that stupid Internet Explorer anymore, m
Might do that soon.

And tomorrow is my birthday and I have to go pick up my cake.


  1. Happy Birthday and I am just so pleased that I do not have Comcast.