Sunday, November 15, 2015

The burglar hours

Gotta take some new photos.

So I am sound asleep and wake to weird noises. It sounds like someone is breaking into the house. Thumps and bumps and all is not right. I just lay there and listen as when you are woken from a deep sleep it can seem "just not right". All was quiet and I was almost ready to fall back to sleep when I heard it again.


I got up and secretly prowled the house. Everything looked okay but at this point I could not go back to sleep.

Went to turn on the computer and was screwing aroung with that and then again, bada boom. This time I got Big Daddy up and he was none too happy with the task of finding the culprits of the noisy invasion. And everything was fine when BD was searching.

So I turned on the coffee maker ready to just wait it out and hating myself for being such a ninny.

And I heard it again. Made coffee, and heard it again. Both times more faintly, but dammit something was out there. Something eerie and strange and scary.

I took up my coffee cup and went snooping about. Kerthump, thump, thump. I was getting closer to the front door and wondering what kind of criminal would keep beating on the same door and hiding. Then a semi huge thumpety thump and OH MY GOD it was a criminal in the hall closet (just across from the front door).

I bravely opened the door and Zoey Cat scrambled out without a by your leave, and there was the answer to all the American Horror Story moments. Cat got shut in the closet. Why the hell don't they just cry instead of throwing themselves about?

To all my French amies and all the buddies in the world, my thoughts and prayers. It is getting crazy out there.


  1. We had a cat who when he was locked in a room would hurl himself at the door until he broke it down or was let out.