Thursday, December 31, 2015

Vermont was very New Englandy

The island out our window in the hotel, that is New York on the opposite side. Nice view of Lake Champlain.

When we got there it was warmer than usual and we got around fine.  By Monday it was cold and bitter, walking was not  a pleasure. It reminded me of why I hated Montreal. Colder than cold. I think it is the damp cold that comes off the lake.

We had a decent suite and 2 bathrooms, it was heaven. Hilton, Garden Suites. Business hotel, we had a third floor suite and the bar was adequate. Do not use the restaurant unless you are desperate, it is extremely expensive for not much.

Then it really snowed. Not much, about 4 inches but the wind and the cold and the hilly roads made it less than fun. And suddenly 21 degrees, coldest of my year.

We did do some walking but my not being up to par and Big Daddy with the bad knee did not make the up and down the hill walking easy.

More on the trip home tomorrow. Ready to celebrate New Years here at home with meatloaf and the critters.

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