Sunday, December 20, 2015

Me and CVS

Zoey Cat.

Every damn day CVS Pharmacy calls me. Every day. I started wondering if Big Daddy and I take an inordinate amount of pills. Because every day seems excessive to me.

I just tell BD his girlfriend called and he needs to do follow up. I do not answer the calls anymore.

So this morning BD had not filled my pill container thing and I need to take my thyroid medication 30 minutes before eat or take anything else. And guess what? At 5 AM on a Sunday I am out of meds. WTF. How is this even possible? Is the CVS girlfriend trying to off me and get all the smoked nuts for herself?

I am having trouble packing. I am sure there will be more to follow on this. We are taking our phony Wenger bags with out name written on them from China. I will try to get a pic.

I took a grandma and grandson to the airport this morning and they were so cute. And not a damn tip. I do not expect tips as Uber claims tips are the milk from the Satan's teat, but around holidays more people tip. Not in Grosse Pointe, one of the cheapest communities on the face of the earth. Yesterday a manager for a Coney Island place gave me three bucks for a five dollar ride. Keep in mind I only drive a few hours a week, this is not a big money operation.

Back to the kitchen for more savories and nuts.

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