Saturday, December 5, 2015

Pipe Bombs in the garage, and no one knew

Tulip house kitchen fireplace, again at the Hermitage, Tennessee.

So now we know the murdering assholes had pipe bombs and enough ammo in their garage to raise a few eyebrows. And our President says Global Warming and Climate Change is more important than people getting shot up and killed by ISIS inspired assassins.

I do not think so.

And I do not believe taking away my right to bear arms is gonna make crazy ass jihadists lay down their pipe bombs and go home to wherever the hell they think is their real home.  Nor do I believe their families had no clue that all this shit was going down right under their noses.

Especially since the neighbors thought something was up, and they did not want to be labeled, as in racist or just pointing out the "profile" of the typical people who just might be building pipe bombs in the garage. And guess what, they were building pipe bombs in the garage.

I do think that until everyone gets on the same page, and I mean all of us, the Jesse Jacksons, the Muslims, the inner city preachers, the Junior League mom and the peeps at Starbucks and admit that there is some weird shit going on and we need to talk about this without pointing fingers and acting like we "know it all", well nothing good is going to happen.

You tell me why your idea is right, and back it up with data. Otherwise it is just dribble.

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