Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Another savage display, San Bernardino

Tulip Grove Mansion on the grounds of the Hermitage, Andrew Jackson's home, Nashville.

We toured this home along with the Hermitage and grounds back in 2008 I believe. This house was not furnished but fascinating for the history.

I just downloaded Windows 10 and the only thing I see different is all my old pictures are now in one place, I think.

I cannot imagine why some jackass is shooting up a place in California that takes care of disabled and challenged people. WTF.  Wonder if it is a case of the government turned down "my child". So sad either way.

Big Daddy is making smoked almonds for me to hawk to the general public. And I may be making my savory cookies. The only thing, I am just not in the holiday spirit. Listening to Christmas music while I drive is not doing it. And I have no interest in putting up a tree.


  1. I have three pieces of commercial software I depend on all day and they have to use the same operating system. So I am not sure when I will make it to 10. Oh, plus an external drawing pad. I am hoping they get my hard drive fixed today and back on the road from Kentucky. It is a 27 inch all in one touch screen that is like having huge tablet. I highly recommend them, depending on how you work. I design and control equipment from it, print, cut and embroider.

    I heard the group the couple shot up had earlier (months before) given them a baby shower. Such an extra twist of bizarre. It makes you start to wonder - are we truly the same species of animal as these freaks?!?!? I could never imagine anyone doing these things.

    1. What is your screen, Surface or another?

      Yea, when I heard about the baby shower I was a little sick in the mouth. And she lied on her Visa application and no one caught that, hmm.