Friday, April 8, 2016

IBS Gobsmacked and other crap

Crocus before the rabbits got dinner.

I had plans today and then IBS Billy Goats came and changed my day.

Zoey cat has been stalking the kitchen. We thought it was a game because she hunts all the time and we tore the kitchen apart looking for evidence of "rodents". No evidence and she was starting to slack. Then yesterday I heard the tinkle of flatware and dishes. I thought to myself, nah. Then I looked and the critters were with me. What to my wondering eye should "disappear" but a grey mouse and tail across my kitchen counter.

Well, we all know there is not enough Clorox Clean Up for that little snafu. And it seems there is a run on rodent trapping paraphernalia as Big Daddy had to fight for a spot at the Ace Hardware display. A huge bag of stuff and overnight we have captured one little mouse.

I gotta give Zoey her due, with no front claws it is prolly not easy to snag those little suckers.

I finished the OJ show on FX and must say it was great. I remember so much of it from the real time watching and this show just nailed it. And I really hope at some moment OJ did feel bad, or as bad as that asshole could feel,  and I feel bad for Bob Kardashian having to live with the truth.

I have the trip planned for mom and that was a pain in the ass. More on that later. Right now I am dreaming of vanilla muffins with Cacao nibs from Trader Joe's.

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  1. We have seen no indoor wildlife here at all which is amazing considering the age of the house and the number of nooks and crannies. But I do have confidence in our cats mousing skills if needed.