Sunday, April 17, 2016

Thank God for Big Daddy

You will all be glad to know I will be taking new pics tomorrow. That is because I asked Big Daddy to confirm my seats on the flight to Florida. I thought I was boarding around ten in the morning, I am really boarding around 7 in the morning and not all that happy right now.

I am almost packed, still need to do shoes, the handbag and personal stuff. If I had known I would have done my hair before church, no I am doing it at 3 am. Tomorrow.

Some guy named Dave is picking me up tomorrow from Orlando airport and when I arrive at mom's we are going to lunch and the Walgreens. Whoa.

Saw Curly today on Skype, she takes after her Grandmama, determined and not happy when she does not get her way. Punkin Head says she learned the "trantrum". Should be fun.