Monday, May 9, 2016

BSF stands for bu## S##t F####### Bible Thumpers

This Internet is making me crazy.

From the Old Village in China. The Internet stopped me from choosing my own picture.

So my very religious Sister-in-law, the woman who is above all of us because she is special and blessed and righteous and and all out bitch, made my mother cry. Guess why?

A dog shit on the rug in front of the door wall. Black dog shit on a black rug. That it seems might have been peed on once in the recent past. This is not a doggy door, it is a door that someone has to open and take the dog out, like a real dog owner with a leash. And a stupid self possessed dyed blond bitch stepped in the dog shit. And it seems this has never happened before, you know, someone stepping in dog shit.

So the first thing to do when this happens is to scream at your 82 year old mother-in-law that this is all her fault. And you make her cry.

It prolly was your old dog that did this, you should be on top of all this animal circus since you and your husband encouraged the dog buying, you ask mom for money all the time and you are all asshats.

But what really ticks me off is you and your religious bullshit of going to bible study and preaching to prisoners and it is okay to make an old woman cry about less than an inch of dog shit on an old rug.

I do not like pretend christian people who act like asshats. So I guess that is how I feel about BSF, a Bible study group that made my SIL what she is today. .


  1. Didn't Jesus say something about his followers being known by their fruit? However, asking her this might be akin to throwing gasoline on hot coals.

  2. I had someone approach me on my lawn as I was coming back from the trash dumpster, walking around the neighborhood like they were JW's but it turned out to only be something 3/4 as annoying - someone from AT&T.

  3. I've watched other people for 71 years now.......and some of the most ugly-tempered, hurtful ones I've known were Super Bible Thumpers. Used to sit and watch my FIL read the gospel at mass...and he was one of the worst. Not sure what their thought process is when it comes to their actions outside the walls of the church. And, I'm not Catholic (or anything, for that matter) but I've never grasped the reason for the mean-tempered nuns teaching school and hitting kids for not much reason at all!.........Ginny F.