Monday, May 2, 2016

More snow and cute stuff. Yea, yea, yea.

Yes, I am breaking my own rule.

The Monday after we left Vermont it snowed. I am so thankful I did not have to drive through the Adirondacks in that snow. It was bad enough just being cold with no shoes.

That is not the white snowsuit I got her, mine is still too big. It is so damn hard to buy for babies, especially ones not close.

Well, church Sunday took 1 hour and 40 minutes. I was a little pissed. It was confirmation Sunday and then they did the rail communion and it took forever. I felt bad, we are supposed to be supportive here, but geez, can't we hurry some of this shit up.

Then we went to the Cotswold Cafe at the Edsel and Eleanor Ford estate for lunch. First timers for that one. The fact they serve decent wine helps with the slow service and wacko servers. The food is good just slow. Except for the popovers, not hot and the butter, weird. Big Daddy seems to think I am spoiled by the Irish butter and perhaps I am.

I took my mom's car back after my pedicure. This is about a one hour drive to my brother's house. BD followed me to bring me home. My brother and I are barely speaking but being polite. At some point during the 10 minutes I was inside it was mentioned that my brother thought he was driving me home. I would walk and find an Uber first. My real question is, do these people really think a woman of my age and intelligence would drive across the city without knowing how she was going to get home. Spare me.


  1. We suddenly have several new burger type restaurants in Amarillo, but my favorite one is not quite open, Fuddruckers. After we ate yesterday and were driving by it while not eXpecting to see it I suDDenly for my wife's amusement, began having a terribly eXcited (all acting of course) gasping and pointing at the sign high in the air before you could even see the actual restaurant. I enjoy pretending to be 4 every once in awhile. Just as we got perpendicular with the restaurant while still on the access road to I-40 I told her it was the most beautiful fresh paint job in the entire world. An then after all that silliness I said, "I sure hope they have elk burgers at this one or I might never go there." (All of their restaurants have bison and some (?) have elk) My wife sarcastically responded, "yeah, right"

  2. I remember my first trip to Fuddruckers, it was divine.

  3. That grandbaby is just too pretty! (Can't tell you how many things I am supposed to be doing instead of getting hooked on your blog!! Just love the way you think/write. Also, just found out about Irish butter myself....from a NURSE in line behind me at the grocery store.)...........Ginny F.

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