Tuesday, May 24, 2016

This is a shameful tale.

So I hear this noise and I walk toward the kitchen and see Zoey the cat jump off the kitchen counter. Now Zoey knows she is not supposed to be up there and I am not so silly as to believe she never gets up there. The next time I walk through she is up there again. Lo and behold there is a huge insect which is black and yellow crawling aroung my kitchen window. It was scary big.

I put the cat in the bedroom because I was afraid she would get hurt if she caught that thing, I Skyped Big Daddy because I was afraid I would get hurt by that thing and watched it crawl up the screen. I opened the window hoping it would stay in that area.

Big Daddy told me to get it with the Hotshot but to be sure the Hotshot worked. As I was looking and checking and wondering if this was a dandy idea the insect crawled down and fell off the window sill into a drinking glass. I grabbed the dirty coffee cup and put it on top. On thinking everything moves slower when cold, I stuck it all in the fridge. Should take a couple hours. Using my logic skills from the past.

Yes, I am ashamed my cat got on the counter but she pointed out the potential problem.

Good Kitty.


  1. What eXactly was it?!?!? A bee?

  2. Replies
    1. Yes a honey bee see above. We warmed it on the sidewalk.

  3. Is it a wasp? Our cat its altos to allowed on the kiyechn bench. Ha!