Thursday, May 19, 2016

Random Thoughts

Mother's Day flowers from Punkin Head

I went to the doctor today and told him I am depressed. I cannot sleep due to the IBS, hives, dry mouth and other assorted bullshit. So I have new meds, I need to go to an allergist and therapy. Will let you know how this all goes. 

I took my mom to the movies yesterday, we saw Mother's Day-not the worst movie ever made, and we were both amazed that the matinee was only 5 dollars. She told me in Florida it is 9 dollars for seniors. Whoa. But the movie did have the ugliest baby I have ever seen in a movie/TV show. I am talking ugly baby. And the mother of the baby was the tiniest woman ever and she has this huge ugly baby. And this was not a device, just a fact. 

Last weekend we left food on the porch for the postal carrier, it is a huge food pantry effort. Not a problem to leave the food but my mail carrier can barely make it door to door, much less toting these canned goods. This woman drives the mail on a walking route. I feel like telling her if she walked more she could lose that extra 100 pounds she is also carrying around. 

Sammy Dog is getting worse, so bad that sometimes now he does not even fight his pill. He does not seem to be in pain but I am worried. I fear the end is near. 

Well we have a new handy man, Jerry, and he is trying to find and fix the 3 month old leak in the basement. We have repaired, replaced, removed and cemented all we could find. Now we have to jack up the basement floor and check out this other pipe. I am about to pull my hair out on this one. 

And my cat is peeing on the floor next to her litter box. WTF. 

Funny of the month:  I drive some friends to the airport so they can fly to Cancun. The guy starts panicking at the airport about his coffee cup. I thought he was looking for a trash receptacle and I told him I would take care of it. The cup looked like shit.  Over a week later he texts me about this coffee cup, do I have it? Seriously? I told Big Daddy to toss it because what kind of idiot would take a coffee cup to the airport in someone else's car and expect them to protect it and safeguard it for an unknown amount of time? Who is that stupid. And he never asked me to keep it, asshat. 

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