Sunday, January 10, 2010

Get a Grip People

Poor Barbie Girl, she had a melt down yesterday. Seems she can't pick between being a martyr and a know-it-all. Shouting at me on the phone, declaring she will have to spend the rest of her life in the yard at Plant Loco, no one returns her phone calls. What a wuss. Guess the stress got to her and if she was smart she would figure out why I am still here. Maybe the boss doesn't trust her to handle the plant? And if no one calls you back wouldn't you start to wonder why? And your boss never takes your calls? Hmmm.

Gregory the worm wants someone to explain Catia and design to him. I kinda thought they taught in Engineering school. Maybe not.

Well what started ole Barbie off on her rant is that I did not go to the plant and hold her hand. I had other things to do. Talk to the new dishwasher repair guy about why my dishwasher still does not work. After $350.00. He actually asked me if I thought the other guy (let go by the way) put the bad part back in instead of the new one. Did I see him take the new part out of the box? Now he thinks the other guy may have screwed up the wiring. Needs a schematic. And my washer is not worth fixing. So much for Maytag, so I had to buy a new washer. Whirlpool. All the repair guys say Whirlpool is the best and they should know. They are delivering it today. So next week maybe a used TV and the broken window fixed will leave me without repair chores for a while. Until it warms up.

Did not get to the store this weekend so I am out of reading material and running low on food. Shopping tomorrow and gas up the car. In this cold that is not fun. And it is supposed to snow. Yuk.

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