Friday, January 15, 2010

Meeting new appliance repairmen

Well to bring you up to date, Barbie is still whacko and screwing everything up and she is now back on the upswing to piss me off. Dishwasher repair guy coming back tomorrow and now we get to meet the hot water tank replacement guy. And the pharmacy changed my prescription to generic and told me in broken English it should be fine. What country am I in. And Obama is not going to tax union health insurance policies? WTF.

Barbie stole all the auto tickets given to my plant and then reluctantly gave me 4 back. She gave them out to people who do not and have not helped us in the past. The person who threw her off the line. No tickets. The operator who had her thrown off the line, no tickets. What is this woman thinking? She hides from me and screws up everything she does. Plant Loco does not like her and this is not good if she wants to keep her job. And I checked with PC 35% of the vehicles produced are sold. Working 9 hours a day plus Saturdays to stockpile vehicles with gasoline going up. Good move.

Hot water tank is dying a slow death. So I investigated and priced and someone is coming tomorrow from Mr. Rooter to give me an in person estimate. If he is within the ballpark he can do the replacement on the spot in an hour. Cost for a tank, install by a licensed plumber, permit and take away about $700.00 per Lowe's and an independantt plumber. This is insane, but then again after I am done I can leave it to dry rot or rent it. Pretty much everything is fixed or new.

Getting my new improved parts shipped to me Monday for delivery Tuesday to Plant Loco and having replacement parts shipped to my home for someone who bought a vehicle with torn up parts delivered here also. Edge should be filled with boxes next week.

3 day weekend and much cleaning to be done, more later.

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