Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

I never believed in jet lag, thought it was made up bullshit. Never had it before and did not have it going to China. Learned a new lesson. Yes, it is real. For 2 days I have had no brain and no functioning parts. Just kinda in a daze waiting for something to happen.

Feel normal today and went for the hair repair and then grocery shopping. I made sure I had enough to survive when I got home, but no veggies-fruit-eggs-bread survived that long. Was ready to go to town. Town was 14 degrees and that is just too cold to party around town. Or shop. Or load and unload groceries. I almost froze and gave up on the rest of the errands after the food.

Good news: had a house when I got home.

Bad news: the television I believe is broken. the dishwasher appears to still be broken $350.00 later. The newspapers continued to deliver and thanks to a kind neighbor I have a huge box of papers in the back yard. I still have no mail and will have to brave the Mack Avenue parking disaster to visit the post office and find out how I can bail out my mail. And I still need to deal with the broken window and sharp glass still kind of attached.

Well, I get to go to work Monday and find out if I still have a job.

By the way, flight home had no extra security-there were some Chinese chicks running around with wands-looked the were auditioning for a Broadway Musical, barely touched me. Young man pawed through my carry-on and then asked "water bottle" when I said no I was good to go. Newark had less security than expected compared to old regular security and no one-and I mean no one-got off their stool to look at shit. They just sat there and said put all your big electronic shit in a separate container. No searches, no wands, no pat downs and no professional people. Chumps talking to each other. And Newark airport is filthy. Makes New Orleans look clean and that is a challenge. And since I am bitching . . .

Continental Airlines, what a fucking farce. First Class, 2B. Shittiest service ever and worst food ever. 1 bottle of water for a 13 hour flight. (I snagged-and I mean grabbed it and ran- a second one after a bathroom break in Business Class). For breakfast service I declined the crappy food and asked for coffee. Guess what? In First Class you cannot get a coffee refill. WTF. Never, ever, ever, pay for First on Contintental, worst service in the world.

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